Mixed media, Video loop, 11’00”, Dimensions variable

A navigation system is an apparatus that guides drivers to a destination using virtual reality, made up of a flattened representation of the world. It constantly redirects the route in accordance with information received via satellite. One adjusts their speed based upon the limited speed given on the digital screen, rather than with the real spaces surrounding them. As a result, the space we live in gradually becomes summarized and dotted with advertisement so that our presence has no choice but to be tamed in this virtual space or float ceaselessly.

I projected navigated road heading for a destination in the virtual space that is omitted from the boundaries of places onto polyvinyl chloride. Reflected images seem like the surface of water; in this image, we cannot found any specific boundary. The voice narrates “searching for an alternate route” repeatedly. Finally, this looped video, vague boundaries and constant failures, anticipate forming new relations with the audience by putting the stage higher than the ground surface in the exhibition space.

Edited from Atlas 3D Navigation
Documentation Photography: Kyulim Kim / Youngdon Jun
Installation view at Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, 2015 / O’NewWall, Seoul, 2017