2018.09- 2020.06 Sandberg Instituut, Studio for Immediate Spaces (MA)
2014.01- 2014.05 Maryland Institute College of Art (Exchange program)
2012.03- 2016.08 Korea National University of Arts, Fine Arts (BFA)

Solo Exhibition
2023.08 Dear Empty,, d/p, Seoul, KR (Curated by Minji Lee)
2023.03 Memory and Matter, Neverneverland, Amsterdam, NL
2021.10 Arrived, Buried, Carried, Windmill, Seoul, KR

Duo Exhibition
2023.07 Angles Mort, Punt WG, Amsterdam, NL (with Andoni Zamora)
2017.02 Ewoltorque, Space O’NewWall Ejuheon, Seoul, KR (with Jieun Uhm, curated by Sumin Lee)

2024.04 Symbiont 2 (with Min Oh), Cine:MACA, Amsterdam, NL 
2023.09 Sensing Empty (with Shinjae Kim and Minji Lee), d/p, Seoul, KR
2023.03 A Language of Time-based Media (with Min Oh), Neverneverland, Amsterdam, NL

Group Exhibition/ Screening (selected)
2024.02 Mondriaan Prospects: Rotterdam Art Fair, Rotterdam, NL
2023.09 Our Week, Process ITW, Seoul, KR
2022.10 Demonition, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam, NL
2022.07 Official Open Studio, Care Design Lab, Amsterdam, NL
2022.06 Home Cinema X Home,, NL
2022.05 Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, DE
2022.03 W139 hosts..., W139, Amsterdam, NL
2021.09 SLOSHING & OOZING, 100 Venezia, Venice, IT
2021.06 Eye on Art_Research Lab, Eyefilm Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2020.10 Meet me at the Entrance, Het Hem, Zaandam, NL
2020.06 WALKS, Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam, NL
2020.03 Agora, Public Space around Kritis 29, Athens, GR
2019.11 Casa#2: Is Everything Okay?, Schakelstraat 23, Amsterdam, NL
2019.05 Torpor, A Bliss, A Slump, Haarlemmerweg 613, Amsterdam, NL
2019.05 Trying to Deliver, Butchers Tears, Amsterdam, NL
2018.12 Zoomscape x The One Minutes, Fabulous Future, Amsterdam, NL
2018.03 RO(u/o)T(e) is Lumber is Mystery, Space Sosolee, Seoul, KR
2017.09 Moving Image, Arko Art Center, Seoul, KR
2016.07 The book makes enemies, Hyojadong 50-7, Jongrogu, Seoul, KR
2016.06 Jokujangjang, Korea National University of Arts Tennis court, Seoul, KR

Curation/ Collective Project
2019.11 Casa#2: Is Everything Okay?, Schakelstraat 23, Amsterdam, NL
2019.10 Renewing Library Project, 6th Anyang Public Art Project, Anyang, KR

2019.09 Casa#1: It won’t be a dinner, Schakelstraat 23, Amsterdam, NL
2017.01 White Night: Loom project x Marie is Anne, Offside Sonjae Art Center, Seoul, KR
2016.10 The Phantom Heart: Awaiting Oblivion, Space Willing and Dealing, Seoul, KR
2016.09 Be touched V: somewhere, vacant, Space O’NewWall Ejuheon, Seoul, KR

Grant/ Funding

2024.03 Seoul Museum of Art (2024 Emerging Artist)
2023.06-2023.07 Amsterdam Kunst voor Fonds (Mijn Eerste Aanvraag)
2023.01-2023.09 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Art Support)
2022.10-2023.09 Mondriaan Fonds (Start)
2022.06- 2022.11 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Arts Support for Research)
2021.03- 2021.12 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Art Support)
2018.09- 2019.06 Holland Scholarship
2018.06- 2018.08 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Arts Support for Research)