Single channel video, 07’00’’

in collaboration with Jurgis Lietunovas

According to Melvin. M. Vopson, after 350 years from now, the number of bits produced will exceed the number of all atoms on Earth. 500 years from now, the digital content will account for more than half Earth’s mass, according to the mass-energy–information equivalence principle.
The video starts with the script which is written from the perspective of the smallest possible sand grain, whose weight is equal to the weight of an e-mail.

Camera: Kyulim Kim
Editing: Jurgis Lietunovas, Kyulim Kim
Drone: Jurgis Lietunovas, Kyulim Kim
Computer Graphics: Jurgis Lietunovas
Documentation photography: Eunouk Nam
Exhibition view at Windmill, Seoul, 2021